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The Christ For Me Office is located in Tahlequah OK

Stories of life lessons teaching Scriptural truth, the Christ For Me magazine is designed to encourage kids in their walk with God. Whether through reading a story or by working puzzles, the goal is to establish each individual in the Word of God. The publications are free to anyone who wants to receive them. The cost to print and mail each copy is 50 cents.

Christ For Me magazine targets the 8-12 year old child. Each issue includes the following:

  • Bible Lessons presenting the Gospel and giving an opportunity to the unsaved to respond to the message
  • Discipleship Lessons challenging the saved to grow in their walk with the Lord
  • Puzzles that make the reader dig into the Scriptures for the answers
  • The Hoot Owl Gang, a continued story about a group of kids who find themselves in all kinds of situations
  • And other stories based on themes from the Word of God

Currently, the Christ For Me and Jesus and Me publications have been discontinued. However, we are working on an alternative method of publishing them.

Please signup If you would like to receive an email announcement when they are available again. Until the new format is available, you may download the issues that are available in PDF.

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