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The Christ For Me Office is located in Tahlequah OK

The Mailbox Ministry of Christ For Me, Inc. provides Free Bible Courses. With a variety of courses for different ages, there is one that is just right for you. Courses range from the very basic in Bible instruction to college level. Encompassing every age level and every level of spiritual maturity, our goal is to provide you strong biblical training.  There are no time limits on when you must finish a course. We do encourage you, however, to be consistent with your study and to work at a pace that keeps your mind active in the things which you are learning.

The Mailbox Ministry is a traditional correspondence course. A set of lessons are sent through the mail. After you complete the set of lessons sent to you, just return them to Christ For Me. Our teachers will correct the test, then forward the next set of lessons to you for completion.  After satisfactorily completing all the lessons in a course, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded. Christ For Me does not issue degrees or diplomas. Our studies are specifically to help you develop in your personal walk with the Lord. After completion of a study, you will automatically be enrolled in another course. You may only enroll in one course at a time. Click here to view the course list.

The courses are offered free of charge. Many people give financially to pay for the cost of purchasing or printing the lessons along with the postage and tracts. If you are blessed by the studies, and God lays it upon your heart to give financially, it would be most appreciated. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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